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21 July 2012 @ 06:38 pm
So, ages ago, I posted this Dollhouse/Office plot bunny, and no one said anything because it was a totally wacky notion. I, however, couldn't get the idea out of my head, and now it's a 26K fic for het_bigbang. I do, however, need an artist for it--as do dozens of other authors, several of whom are writing in or crossing over with Whedonverse. If you're an artist looking for some inspiration, head over to  and check out the many stories seeking artists!

Advanced thanks :)
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15 December 2011 @ 11:07 pm
There are just 5 days left to sign up at feedbackathon, so if you've been thinking about what works you want to submit, better do it pretty quickly!

Sign-ups close December 20 and assignments will come out December 26. :)

03 December 2011 @ 10:21 pm
Have a fic that you've posted, one you're proud of, but you just didn't get the feedback you wanted? Ever try something new and not really know if it worked?

At feedbackathon, creators exchange, not fanworks, but feedback on existing fanworks.

We aim to not only provide authors with a helpful tool to improve their writing, but also to promote a community of readers and responders.

For Round One, we'll be accepting BtVS/Ats-themed works only.

How it Works | Rules | FAQ | Sign-Up | Dates

08 November 2011 @ 09:18 pm
Having just discovered the BBC's Being Human, I realized that the world needs fic wherein Mitchell (or any of his various associates) meets up with the Fang Gang. Or a Slayer. (I'd also accept George and Oz hanging out.)

Bear in mind that Mitchell's Irish and went through a punk phase at some point. And is an excellent brooder who doesn't seem to mind a spunky blonde. There's a lot of potential here.
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03 September 2011 @ 03:25 am
Hey, guys! Long time no see. I'm here to share wtih you a little something of mine :)

[info]dragonslights is a new arts' community I've created. You will find a variety of graphics such as icons, banners, picspams, wallpapers etc.
Fandoms include BTVS, Angel, HP, Supernatural, House, Disney as well as many others.
will also find a lot of graphics which are centered on actors,
actresses, models and other celebrities as well as nature photos.

You're humbly invited to join and/or watch :)
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20 January 2011 @ 02:07 pm
I just remembered this community existed, which is nice because I have a bunny taken more or less directly from a dream I had last night. Sounds a little ridiculous, yes, but work with me.

Summary: The Office/Dollhouse AU.  (I know, I know.)

Post-season 2 of the Office (so after Jim's departure and breaking off her engagement), Pam is recruited by the Dollhouse.  She emerges at the other end determined to be anything but the quiet, mousy, cardigan-and-Keds girl she was before.  Fancy New High-Tech Beesley, if you will.  I have trouble seeing her quite as militant as Victor's tech-heads, so feel free to have her evolve as is necessary to keep her more in character, but she should be in at least some kind of activist position (as opposed to, say, Priya).  Presumably, she'd be more or less herself at the core, but with lots of installs, upgrades, leftovers from previous engagements, whatever, in the same sense that the Victor of "Epitaph Two" was distinguished from Tony.

Shortly before the Thoughtpocalypse is resolved, she encounters Jim, who's still himself (that is to say, both an Actual and the nice, normal guy she once knew) despite having had to adapt to the scary new world.  Though there's a hell of a lot to get past (from the events and consequence of "Casino Night" to who she is now), that spark between them is still there, and then some.

Unfortunately, one of them is about to spend a year or so underground.  It's up to you which--I can see potential both ways, as we either get a Pam who doesn't remember anything before her recruitment but who's started a life for a year without Jim (who perhaps was injured like Mag and so had to stay behind with relative strangers, albeit ones who knew her) or a Pam who remembers everything and has to reconcile her current self with the woman Jim fell for initially...who really wasn't so bad.

Obviously, this is Pam-centric, but feel free to run with this as you see fit.  I'm happy to discuss further, help beta, whatever.

Suggested rating
: PG+

: Jim/Pam, any Dollhouse (Priya/Tony could be an interesting parallel)

: It'd be neat if someone else was as awkwardly intrigued by this as I was this morning.  Basically I had this dream sequence where the year underground in the Dollhouse facilities was up, the two of them re-meet, and Pam starts attacking him until someone hold her back and says, "Stop! It's Jim."  So...fill in the blanks!
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12 March 2010 @ 11:38 pm
This one just came to me.

After Smile Time, while Angel is still a puppet, he gets captured by Dru. I can just see her saying something like "daddy is a dolly..." or IDK, I've never written her. Hence offering up the bunny lol.
24 February 2010 @ 07:37 pm

You can find "In Hell" here: http://lisfayte.livejournal.com/6344.html

Ok, I am going to put my ficcie "In Hell" up for adoption, the fic was supposed to be the prologue for a longer Spuffy fic. I have some notes on how I invisioned the fic to go, though you don't have to use them, but here they are:

Spuffy and company are stuck in fan-fiction hell.
I want lots of humor
Starting during Something Blue
An inept new writer named "Mary Sue" decides to write her first Spuffy story.
Mary Sue decides to have Buffy and Spike "mate" during the spell, so now they are able to mind speak with one another. She decides that Buffy didn't send Angel the Gem of Amara, so she gives it to Spike as a mating gift.
During the Hush episode, Mary Sue decides to have Willow find a silent spell to allow everyone to silently communicate. Everyone finds out they have been caught in fan-fic hell. Willow and Giles find a spell that lets them "talk" to Mary Sue, she thinks her muse is speaking to her. They make her bring EVERY major character from the Buffy and Angel verses to Sunnydale. They have her make Anya get her powers back, so they can make a wish for a way to make them stay in this one fic if they can get everyone happy, and that is the problem, everyone wants someone or something else, and they squabble about who get to be with who, this makes Mary Sue very confused. Happy ending please.

I have some wacky character pairings if you want to use them. Just let me know.
18 February 2010 @ 03:09 pm
I think this counts because it's primarily Buffy-based. I got an idea this afternoon for a crossover between Buffy and Merlin...don't worry, Buffy's the primary show. The Scoobies are doing some kind of spell that goes terribly wrong. There's some kind of temporal fold or time rift that occurs and a switching of characters. Giles wakes up in midevil (sp?) England and he can't understand why everyone thinks he's the king. Meanwhile, the Scoobies are confronting a guy who looks and even talks like Giles, but he's decidedly not their friendly watcher. He keeps saying he's a king...and the new world he's stuck in terrifies him to no end. How can they get him and Giles both back to their own time?

I can visualize a couple awesome scenes

-Snyder coming upon the group not long after Uther's arrival and the Scoobs covering by telling him some story about Giles helping with history class or literature class

-Uther getting hold of one of Giles' old weapons and trying to fight the Scoobies with it.

-Sneaking Uther to Giles' place to swipe some of Giles' clothes and hope Uther will agree to put them on so he'll be less conspicuous

-A talk about early English bathing habits...("Had they even invented bathing in...whenever he's from?" "Well, yeah,butt they didn't do it much...they thought it wasn't very good for you." "No wonder he stinks.") (I see it as Xander and Willow lol)

-Uther running outside and getting freaked by the cars/traffic (A la 'Spin the Bottle)and

-yelling about the modern technology being sorcery (since he hates it)

Sadly, the Giles end is harder for me to visualize...I'll add scenes if I think of them though.
The whole ASH playing Uther thing started it, and now it won't leave me alone lol. Sadly, I've never watched much of Merlin, so I'm unable to actually write the thing. I hope it's allowed, since it's primarily Buffy, but I apologize if it isn't.

This would also work great with a Buffy/Bones thing....dimensional switch with Angel and Booth.
11 February 2010 @ 03:08 pm

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